It’s the little things…..

Being a parent brings many big moments of happiness and joy. Seeing your child smile for the first time, their first step, first words, the first time they sleep through the night. But it is often the little things that fill me with the deepest feeling of happiness. This afternoon my husband was cooking dinner […]

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Fess up no.2

It’s been great having access to my bike again, Elisabeth loves to go for bike rides and I really enjoy it too. Unfortunately, the seat at the front of the bike is too small for her now so soon she will have to go in a seat on the back. She is really excited about […]

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Valentine’s day date

If you’re a big fan of Valentine’s day and the cards roses and candlelit dinners that come with it……this is not the post for you. I personally don’t like the day, not because I don’t like to be treated by my husband, of course I do, but because I have a problem with the forced […]

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Fess up no.1

Morning! As promised an update on how I am getting on with the eating less – moving more plan, and I’m pleased to say it has been quite good actually. Last Monday and Tuesday weren’t that great, I was in a grouchy old mood when I came home. This wasn’t completely unexpected as food and […]

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Tingle tingle ittle sar

Elisabeth has started singing, well, not really singing, she has started saying the words to songs. For a few months now she has been saying the last word of a sentence of song if we pause at the end, but the other day she was sitting in her highchair, she had just finished her dinner, […]

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