It’s the little things…..

Being a parent brings many big moments of happiness and joy. Seeing your child smile for the first time, their first step, first words, the first time they sleep through the night. But it is often the little things that fill me with the deepest feeling of happiness. This afternoon my husband was cooking dinner … Continue reading It’s the little things…..


Conversations with Elisabeth (at 23 months and 2 weeks)

Me: Mummy loves you Elisabeth. Elisabeth: What's that mummy? Me: That's a car. Do you love your mummy? Elisabeth: me love my daddy. ********* Me: Good morning Elisabeth. Elisabeth: Mummy! Me: Hello sweetheart. Elisabeth: Mummy wear pretty dress. ********* Me: Let's get you nice and dry. Elisabeth: Me need wash my hands. Me: That's ok, … Continue reading Conversations with Elisabeth (at 23 months and 2 weeks)