Conversations with Elisabeth (at 23 months and 2 weeks)

Me: Mummy loves you Elisabeth.
Elisabeth: What’s that mummy?
Me: That’s a car. Do you love your mummy?
Elisabeth: me love my daddy.


Me: Good morning Elisabeth.
Elisabeth: Mummy!
Me: Hello sweetheart.
Elisabeth: Mummy wear pretty dress.


Me: Let’s get you nice and dry.
Elisabeth: Me need wash my hands.
Me: That’s ok, you’ve just had a bath.
Elisabeth: Me need wash my hands!
Me: You’ve just had a bath, so you don’t have to wash your hands.
Elisabeth: Me need wash my hands!! In the sink! …. Oooooo, what’s that mummy?


Daddy: Hi Elisabeth, are you ok?
Elisabeth: Yeah, daddy had nice day at work?


Elisabeth: That’s my dolly!
Me: Yes, it is.
Elisabeth: she has pretty hair.
Me: You have pretty hair.
Elisabeth: Mummy has pretty hair too.


Me: Do you love your mummy Elisabeth?
Elisabeth: Yeah, me love my daddy.


11 thoughts on “Conversations with Elisabeth (at 23 months and 2 weeks)

    1. Thanks, now if only she would love her mummy as much as her daddy – ha ha.

      1. haha…she’s a daddy’s girl for sure!

      2. She certainly is, it’s great though to see how close they are.

  1. Cute.
    She does love daddy.
    I like how she keeps saying me.

    1. That she does! Last month she changed from saying Elisabeth to saying me, it’s getting closer 🙂

      1. Cool. It’s fun to see the growth/development.

  2. So sweet. Suddenly all the poo and sleepless nights make sense.

  3. Brings back some beautiful memories…Diane

    1. It’s so great when they start talking isn’t it.

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