Tingle tingle ittle sar

Elisabeth has started singing, well, not really singing, she has started saying the words to songs. For a few months now she has been saying the last word of a sentence of song if we pause at the end, but the other day she was sitting in her highchair, she had just finished her dinner, and for no apparent reason she started saying:

Tingle tingle ittle sar
How wonder what you are
Up above world so high
Like diamond in the sy
Tingle tingle ittle sar
How wonder what you are

It was so adorable, my husband and I just sat there staring at her, which she took as a good enough reason to do it again. We were quite surprised that she quite clearly memorised the song perfectly even though some of the words were a bit of a struggle.

Every Friday afternoon I take her on the bus to go to her music lesson, and this has really encouraged her to interact with songs. When I (or anyone else) sings ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’, she immediately starts marching. When we sing either incy wincy spider or hansje pansje kevertje, she does all the actions with great enthusiasm. She loves the music bag and shakers that I made for her and she often plays her ‘trumpet’ it’s not really a trumpet, it’s a recorder, but we will let her off for calling it a trumpet a bit longer.

Elisabeth’s talking is improving rather rapidly, although some letters are still a bit difficult. She often talks about ‘chotate bistuits’ although I have no idea why, it’s not like she is eating them. Caterpillar is also a word she likes to say, only without the k sound and the understanding that the l isn’t always the last letter of the word, this become ‘taterpill’, pillow also becomes ‘pill’ which sounds so cute that I never want her to learn the proper word – yes, I know this is wrong, but you should hear it, it’s too adorable!

Another thing that she is getting better at is stropping! If she doesn’t get something she wants she tries to get it by screaming and stamping her little feet, this doesn’t last long though as we obviously don’t give in to it. Sometimes I even have to laugh at her a little when she takes it to a new extreme.

All in all, lots of stuff is happening and there is no longer any possible way that we can still call her a baby. She is just too grown up!

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