Fess up no.1

Morning! As promised an update on how I am getting on with the eating less – moving more plan, and I’m pleased to say it has been quite good actually.

Last Monday and Tuesday weren’t that great, I was in a grouchy old mood when I came home. This wasn’t completely unexpected as food and my mood are generally very closely connected. When I was 9 or 10 I was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia, which basically means my blood sugar was too low. If I didn’t eat something every two hours, I would become really grouchy and I’d start snapping at everyone. In recent years my blood sugar has been fine, but when I diet, this childhood enemy always raises his ugly head, which is why I don’t tend to diet. Looking back on my food log for those two days, I should have divided my food better over the course of the day, I can’t get through the afternoon on a banana if I’ve had my lunch at 11.30.

From Wednesday onwards things were much better, I made sure I had a filling snack in the afternoon to keep the moods at bay and that really made all the difference.

All week I have logged everything I have eaten and it has been quite interesting, I always knew I ate a lot (obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t be here in the first place), but when you keep a log of everything it gives a real clear picture of our eating habits and it makes it quite easy to pinpoint where you can make a big difference.

Because I do not believe in short term diets, I wanted to make some solid changes to what I eat. One of the changes I have made so far is my breakfast. I’m a real breakfast person, I happily get up half an hour earlier to make sure I can have breakfast and a cup of tea (or two, or three). The only times I leave the house without breakfast is when I have had such a bad night with Elisabeth that only a McDonalds breakfast and a strong coffee will give me enough energy to get through the morning, and I haven’t had one of those in a very long time. Anyway, on normal days I tend to have toast……with cheese……or a sandwich …….with cheese. Not great, tasty, but not great when you are trying to lose a few pounds. So I have replaced that with oatbran with apple, cinnamon and a little sugar. Tasty and a lot healthier than cheese sandwiches.

The exercise has been good as well, I haven’t been out for a run yet and I haven’t been to the gym (mainly because I am not a member and they frown upon people using their facilities without paying) but I’ve done a lot of walking, some cycling with Elisabeth (Thanks Lau, goed idee!) and I feel much better for it!

Anyway, part of this plan was for me to share my weight with you each week so here goes.

Last week:
weight – 183lbs
BMI – 24.8

weight – 180lbs 4oz
BMI – 24.5

Needless to say I am delighted with the result, I was only aiming to lose about 1 lbs a week so 2 lbs and a bit in the first week is nice. So the aim for next week is to go under 180 lbs.

Happy days!

Fess up

16 thoughts on “Fess up no.1

  1. wow, what a great start!!! Ditching the McD’s and cheese & toast is a great idea. If you swap a few things like that, you’ll see the difference!

  2. Ha – your cheese breakfast made me giggle! I used to have cheese sandwiches religiously every morning before school. I like what you say about not believing in long term diets and that it’s more important to make more fundamental changes. That’s my philosophy too. 😉

    1. Thanks! You’re right, all those quick diets don’t work, you’ll put it all back on as soon as you stop! This is more about being aware of how much and what I should be eating in the long term.

  3. Well done! That’s an awesome amount for just one week! I can’t believe you ate cheese for breakfast ;-P Yum but yeah, probably not the healthiest!

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