Valentine’s day date

If you’re a big fan of Valentine’s day and the cards roses and candlelit dinners that come with it……this is not the post for you.

I personally don’t like the day, not because I don’t like to be treated by my husband, of course I do, but because I have a problem with the forced nature of it.

After a couple of years with my other half it was clear to me that the only reason he bought me a valentine’s day card was because he thought that was expected of him. Not my idea of romance. Saying ‘I love you’ because it is 14th February doesn’t mean a thing to me.

So about five years ago I told my husband that valentine’s day was cancelled for life. He was more than happy to accept this, although the next year he did check with me whether it was still cancelled, which I thought was rather sweet. I have to admit, I haven’t missed it and I rather like watching it all from the sideline.

Earlier this year I saw that there was a new Die Hard film coming. In february. And it was going to come out on Valentine’s day. Now I am a die hard (pun intented) Bruce Willis fan and I love going to the cinema. My husband doesn’t like Die Hard and hates going to the cinema. Luckily one of my best friends shares my attitude towards valentine’s day and Bruce Willis so we decided to go on a very un-valentine like date. Dinner at McDonalds and then to the cinema to see Bruce Willis kill scumbags.

We had a great evening, safe in the knowledge that our other halves were happy to not be part of valentine’s day and having the t.v. to themselves. Happy days.

There’s only one thing left to say:

Yippee-ki-yay-valentine’s day!

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s day date

  1. I share your view on the ‘forced’ and blown up idea of Valentine’s Day….It really ‘hypes’ things up to where it’s a disappointment if you buy into it…when the day doesn’t live up to what you thought it would….I guess we sound like bah humbug….but I really think it’s up to the individuals what they want it to be for them….like you decided…good for you….Diane

  2. Great post. What a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I too love the Die Hard movies. Haven’t seen this one yet, but I will eventually. My hubby and I exchanged tiny V-day gifts the night before Valentine’s Day. For us, it’s more about spreading the love in general on the day of, and lots and lots of chocolate! I make homemade chocolate hearts (solid and filled with caramel) for my kids, my hubby, my friends, etc. That’s what Valentine’s is all about for me. πŸ™‚

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