Fess up no.2

It’s been great having access to my bike again, Elisabeth loves to go for bike rides and I really enjoy it too. Unfortunately, the seat at the front of the bike is too small for her now so soon she will have to go in a seat on the back. She is really excited about this, but I will miss the moments where I kiss her head and feel her hair all over my face.

Next week is going to be a bit of a disaster with regards to the counting of calories, because on Friday it is Elisabeth’s second birthday – woohoo! We’re not having a big party this year, but we do have cake baking plans, and cake needs to be eaten, especially birthday cake! It already started today because my inlaws had invited us over for a tea party for Elisabeth’s birthday. We all had fun and I was glad I decided not to worry about calories today.

Luckily the weigh in this morning was much better than expected so I have a bit of room for error this coming week.

Weight: 183lbs
BMI: 24.8

Week 1
Weight: 180.4lbs
BMI: 24.5

Weight: 177.2lbs
BMI: 24

Not bad, I don’t think. Anyway, must go, I have a passport to renew!

Fess up
Fess up no.1

15 thoughts on “Fess up no.2

    1. Thanks, I’ll pass it on to her. I know birthday cake is dangerous but I’m having it anyway. It will be a toddler friendly (ish) cake anyway with far less sugar than normal cake.

  1. You are doing great… I find these days so hard to try and lose… It seems that all of our visiting with family and friends is ‘going’ out lunch or dinner…. even though I try to watch….Diane

  2. Wow! I think that is wonderful progress in a short time. Do you have Apple products? There is a really cool ap called My Fitness Pal that lets you add food in all day and then it calculates all the nutrition content. Really cool and I find it helpful to know what mix of protein, fat, fiber, etc…I’m eating.

    1. Thank you, I have to say I am very pleased and surprised with my progress so far. I thought it would take me much longer. I do use My Fitness Pal actually and I think it has really helped. Thanks for recommending it though.

  3. yay!!! you’re under 180… doesn’t that feel great?! And your BMI is already better than mine and I’ve been at this for 16 weeks. Keep up the good work. I’m sure McD’s wasn’t a high moment this week for you, but you still can ‘cheat’ and lose weight as long as you’re eating better and excercising more than u were before. How’s the calorie counting going? I find it to work during the week, cuz I’m at a computer at work and can log it… on the weekends when I’m chasing Avery around – no chance! But I still eat well.

    1. It does feel great, although I am seriously bored with logging all the calories, I might even have a little break and see if I can stay where I am without counting. I struggle when I am at home as well, I find it easier at work not to at too much, too many temptations at home.

      1. I haven’t counted since before vacation… I kinda do it in my head and know whats too much and where to cut back and say no to sweets. Logging cals just takes too much effort some days!

      2. It is too much effort some days. And when you’re on holiday you shouldn’t be worrying about logging your calories, you know what you should and shouldn’t be eating anyway. I have paused the calorie counting for a bit, must write a post about it actually, be interesting to see how I go without trying too hard.

      3. I agree. It was good for me to do for a few weeks, because I was able to see it on paper and realize how it adds up. Now that I am more aware of how much I should be intaking a day, I know how to control portions more and cut back on things like sweets.

        I should write a post about it too… after I follow up on my vegas trip first though 🙂

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