It’s the little things…..

Being a parent brings many big moments of happiness and joy. Seeing your child smile for the first time, their first step, first words, the first time they sleep through the night. But it is often the little things that fill me with the deepest feeling of happiness.

This afternoon my husband was cooking dinner and I was in the conservatory sitting on the sofa with Elisabeth. I was (re)reading the fourth Harry Potter book and Elisabeth was watching ‘Everything’s Rosie‘, when all of a sudden she put her little hand on my leg. Nothing more, just that little touch to make sure I was still there. I kissed her on her head and she ignored me, she was watching t.v. after all.

A couple of minutes later I felt her little body moving towards me so I lifted my arm and put it around her little shoulders. She moved closer and snuggled up against me, I kissed her head again, she looked up at me, smiled, snuggled back and watched Rosie.

It doesn’t get much better than those little moments where everything is pretty much perfect.

8 thoughts on “It’s the little things…..

  1. Very nice. I think you are so right. Cool that you captured/appreciated the moment. Priceless.

    1. Thanks, I love these moments and capturing them ensures they will be around forever!

  2. I think that’s a moment when love and contentment just swells within us…Diane

    1. You couldn’t have put it any better Diane!

  3. I love those moments.

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