Trouble in Newman Towers

This week has been one of the worst weeks I have had in a long time. The main reason for this were Tuesday’s events which I will post about another time, for now you are just going to have to take my word for it that is was pretty bad.

On top of this I came down with the cold from hell and had to stay home from work. I have been feeling pretty poorly since. Elisabeth has also come down with something and as always when she is not well, has been keeping us up.

Tuesday night I didn’t get to sleep until 3.30am and last night I was up from 3.30 onwards trying to get Elisabeth back to sleep. At 5.30am I gave up and declared it morning.

As normal when things are a bit tough, my husband has been late home every night, I try to be understanding because it is not his fault, given the week I have had, this has been difficult and I think I managed quite well.

This weekend we were meant to go to Germany to visit my dad. Even though I have not been looking forward to the journey there, I was looking forward to seeing his new house and I can really do with getting away from everything.
But as my husband is now also coming down with this awful cold and I still feel truly rotten, it just isn’t going to happen, sorry dad ūüė¶

So not a good week at Newman Towers and even though I know I shouldn’t be wishing my time away, I am pretty glad that today is nearly over, it’s been a long old day, too long.

The good news is that tomorrow is Good Friday so my husband isn’t at work. And even though we will not be doing what we wanted this weekend, we are both off work next week, so things are bound to get better, they’d better!

Happy Easter everyone x



I’m not usually one to moan about the weather, I like all seasons (although I do have a soft spot for spring) including winter. I don’t mind the cold, I like the cozy atmosphere the cold creates inside. I also like a bit of snow, it makes everything pretty and is lots of fun to play in.

But I’ve had enough now, winter has been going on for ages. We have had quite a bit of snow on several occassions and I am really looking forward to spring. There were some positive signs over the last couple of weeks. My daffodills are flowering, there was a day when the sun actually came out. I thought it must be on it’s way, spring, surely. After all it is nearly Easter.

And then Saturday morning my husband opens the curtains and from my cozy spot under the duvet (Elisabeth likes playing tent in our bed, can’t be a bad thing as it means I get to pend a few more minutes in bed) I hear him say: “No, really? Snow? You’re kidding.”

He was not impressed and neither was I. It’s the end of March and I am now officially bored of winter. Can we please please pretty please have some sunshine? Please?

Mother’s day

Last Sunday was mother’s day over here in England, I have no idea why it is in March here whilst the rest of the world seems to celebrate the day in May, but never mind. My husband very kindly bought me a bunch of yellow tulips and Elisabeth made me a lovely card.

I have very fond memories of mother’s day when I was little, my mum was always so happy with whatever she got. We always had a present for my mum, but I have never bought her a mother’s day present in my life. That’s just not what mother’s day was about for us, we always made a present and would deliver it with breakfast in bed (I think although this might have just been a cup of tea, can’t quite remember that bit).

I have often wondered whether my mum faked her enthusiasm for our home made treasures and this Tuesday I got my answer. Elisabeth had made a mother’s day present at Jenny’s (our lovely childminder), it was a little cardboard bookmark on which she had stuck some sticker and done some drawing. It was just a little thing but I was over the moon with it and started using it straight away and I imagined using it for years and years and always remembering it as the first mother’s day present Elisabeth made me.

So, no, my mum most certainly did not fake her enthusiasm for our presents and I fully understand why some of them are still to be found in her house. I hope that I’ll be using my bookmark for a long time and I look forward to more mother’s day treasures as Elisabeth gets older.

Big steps for little people.

A couple of weeks a go it was Elisabeth’s second birthday. Last year we threw her a party for friends and family and had a great time, but this year we felt like celebrating it with just the 3 of us. My husband had taken the day off so we had a nice long weekend. Elisabeth was still a bit snotty from the horrible cold she had and it was freezing cold outside so we decided to stay in and just have fun with opening presents and playing with balloons. And what a lot of fun she had, we had piled all her presents on the sofa in the conservatory (or ‘my sertatory’ as Elisabeth calls it) and she didn’t wait around long to open them. She wasn’t quite as excited about her decorated high chair, as soon as she saw it she started pulling the (handmade!) paper chain and said: ‘Mummy take it off please’. Never mind, maybe next year she will appreciate the effort :-).¬†In the afternoon she baked a cake with my husband and very much enjoyed eating some of it (even though we reduced the sugar by about two thirds!). All in all it was a lovely day.

As she is now 2 and clearly a big girl (she reminds us of this often), we have made some changes. Because she is so tall (No idea who she gets that from, ha!), we have been struggling to get her in and out of her highchair without injuring her legs. So the highchair has been moved out of the kitchen and she now eats her meals ‘like mummy and daddy’ on a normal chair. The first few days it was quite a challenge¬†impossible to keep her sitting on her chair and actually eat her dinner, she was too excited that she now had the choice of whether she was in the mood to have dinner or whether she would rather run around. Even though she loves food quite a lot, she loves running around more. We decided not to make a big deal out of it and let her enjoy her new found freedom for a bit, hoping that soon the novelty would wear off and food would become more interesting again. Which it did. So after a few hungry nights, she is now eating as well as she was in her high chair. Not bad for a 2 year old.

Change number two was a little more worrying. Those of you who have been following this blog for a while might have noticed that we have not had an easy ride getting our little monkey to sleep. But we thought she was ready to sleep in a big girl’s bed. So this weekend we took the side off her¬†cot bed. She was very excited and spent ages getting in and out of her ‘new’ bed. She loved it. At this point my husband¬†foolishly thought she would just get in and go to sleep when she was meant to. I was not quite so hopeful. Unfortunately I was right. I knew it was going to be difficult to get her into bed but I was determined to get it right first time and not let her get the better of me. So we read a story, had a cuddle and she was happy to get into bed. Result, you might think, not quite. She was happy to go into bed and do a little pretend sleep, as she does, and get up again. I told her it was time to go to bed, gave her a cuddle and put her back in bed. I did this twice and then stopped saying anything, but just putting her back into bed. I did this 77 (!) times before she got the point and stayed in bed. I stayed with her until she was asleep and the whole thing lasted less than an hour, not too bad for a 2 year old.

Last night we were both a little concerned that she would play up again at bedtime, but after she had a story and a cuddle, I put her in bed, she turned over and went to sleep. Not bad at all for a 2 year old!

Oma week

Because my mother in law is on holiday for a couple of weeks, rather than paying for extra childcare, my mum (Elisabeth’s oma) came to stay almost a week. She arrived Monday morning so Elisabeth would have a bit of time to get used to her before spending all Tuesday and Wednesday with her whilst I went off to work. She didn’t really need this though, because as soon as oma walked in they were playing together and having lots of fun. This meant the world to me because Elisabeth used to take quite a while to get used to people, but now she is much more confident this is less of a problem now. It obviously made my mum happy as well, we have both been trying hard for Elisabeth to build a bond with my mum which can be tricky when you’re in different countries, but we seemed to have managed it quite well.

Both Elisabeth and oma had a great time on Tuesday and Wednesday. Elisabeth enjoyed all the attention and the treats (pancakes for lunch – yummy!) and oma enjoyed spending time with our little monkey.

Thursday and Friday I was at home and I took full advantage of having my mum here. She cleaned the whole house for us (how awesome is that!) and I don’t think I touched the dishwasher at all those two days. I also went for a bit of shopping on my own. It’s amazing how relaxing food shopping can be when you can browse all the aisles rather than trying to get everything as quickly as possible whilst trying to entertain a toddler.

I also got a very much needed hair cut and it didn’t cost me a penny (my mum is quite handy with a pair of scissors). She also sorted out some of Elisabeth’s pyama trousers as they were way too big for her but she needed the length for her long legs (no idea who she gets those from, ha ha).

Needless to say that I am very grateful for all that my mum did whilst she was here, but the most important thing is that she not only a week, that would have otherwise been really stressful, incredibly relaxing but she and Elisabeth had lots of fun together.

All in all a great week and now it’s the weekend and tomorrow is mother’s day (well here in the UK it is anyway) so things are pretty great in Newman Towers.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Proper fess up

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t delighted (or more likely bored) you with my diet adventures recently.

I could come up with all sorts of excuses for that, but I’m not going to. To be honest (and I do like a bit of honesty) I got bored of it. I know I had only been on it for 3 weeks but I just couldn’t be bothered anymore.

I’m not going to give up on it altogether, I’m just going to have a little break and see if I can stay at the same weight without the diet. I’m sure I’ll jump on it again in a few weeks time but for now I am curious to see whether I can keep up the changes I have introduced to my diet (like no more cheese sandwiches for breakfast – boo!) and just being a bit more aware of the food I eat.

So the new aim is to stay below 180lbs without dieting.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Fess up
Fess up no.1
Fess up no.2

Felixstowe beach

Because I haven’t had much creative energy lately, I thought I would post something I wrote a while ago. It has been available on one of the pages on my blog so some of you might have already read it. I hope you enjoy it.

Felixstowe beach

Even though it was a cold and cloudy afternoon we decided to brave the weather and go to the beach. Because of the chill in the air we packed our winter coats, but also sun cream, just in case, and got in the car.
During the quarter of an hour drive the weather underwent a complete metamorphosis. With each mile we covered a bit more blue sky appeared, and by the time we had reached our destination, the sun was out, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was almost hot. So instead of putting on our winter coats, we applied generous amounts of sun cream and joined the stream of people strolling along the boulevard.
Everyone seemed to be moving at half their normal speed. I immediately adjusted to the slower pace and loved the sensation of wandering without a destination or a required time of arrival.
On our left the beach huts looked freshly painted in pretty shades of pastel, and on the right were the bright colours of the gardens in full bloom. On the beach a group of sea gulls were having a party with a half eaten bag of chips and an ice cream cone.
I have always loved this quieter end of the beach where the shops will be shut until the summer holiday starts and there will be noise everywhere. Far away from the pier we chose I our spot, and whilst my daughter started her mission to collect every pebble on the beach, I stared out to sea. In the hazy distance I saw several trawlers moving their cargo and I wondered what tropical destinations they were heading for.
A squeal of delight from the pebble collector brought me back to reality just in time to grab her and jump out of the way of a massive wave that seemed determined to get us wet. She laughed so much she almost choked. Because I can’t resist the sound of her laughter, we played this game over and over again, until my arms hurt so much I couldn’t carry her any longer.
As I put her down her hair blew in my face and I inhaled the scent of sun cream, milk and that sweet baby smell that was fading way too fast. From what seems like miles away I could hear the irritating tunes of the pier and the screaming children who, instead of collecting pebbles or playing catch with the sea, spent this sunny afternoon inside demanding more money from their parents for yet another ride. But none of this where I was. In my own little world there was nothing but sunshine, sand, sea and the most wonderful little creature in the world who grinned at me as she ran off to meet another wave.