Felixstowe beach

Because I haven’t had much creative energy lately, I thought I would post something I wrote a while ago. It has been available on one of the pages on my blog so some of you might have already read it. I hope you enjoy it.

Felixstowe beach

Even though it was a cold and cloudy afternoon we decided to brave the weather and go to the beach. Because of the chill in the air we packed our winter coats, but also sun cream, just in case, and got in the car.
During the quarter of an hour drive the weather underwent a complete metamorphosis. With each mile we covered a bit more blue sky appeared, and by the time we had reached our destination, the sun was out, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was almost hot. So instead of putting on our winter coats, we applied generous amounts of sun cream and joined the stream of people strolling along the boulevard.
Everyone seemed to be moving at half their normal speed. I immediately adjusted to the slower pace and loved the sensation of wandering without a destination or a required time of arrival.
On our left the beach huts looked freshly painted in pretty shades of pastel, and on the right were the bright colours of the gardens in full bloom. On the beach a group of sea gulls were having a party with a half eaten bag of chips and an ice cream cone.
I have always loved this quieter end of the beach where the shops will be shut until the summer holiday starts and there will be noise everywhere. Far away from the pier we chose I our spot, and whilst my daughter started her mission to collect every pebble on the beach, I stared out to sea. In the hazy distance I saw several trawlers moving their cargo and I wondered what tropical destinations they were heading for.
A squeal of delight from the pebble collector brought me back to reality just in time to grab her and jump out of the way of a massive wave that seemed determined to get us wet. She laughed so much she almost choked. Because I can’t resist the sound of her laughter, we played this game over and over again, until my arms hurt so much I couldn’t carry her any longer.
As I put her down her hair blew in my face and I inhaled the scent of sun cream, milk and that sweet baby smell that was fading way too fast. From what seems like miles away I could hear the irritating tunes of the pier and the screaming children who, instead of collecting pebbles or playing catch with the sea, spent this sunny afternoon inside demanding more money from their parents for yet another ride. But none of this where I was. In my own little world there was nothing but sunshine, sand, sea and the most wonderful little creature in the world who grinned at me as she ran off to meet another wave.

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