Mother’s day

Last Sunday was mother’s day over here in England, I have no idea why it is in March here whilst the rest of the world seems to celebrate the day in May, but never mind. My husband very kindly bought me a bunch of yellow tulips and Elisabeth made me a lovely card.

I have very fond memories of mother’s day when I was little, my mum was always so happy with whatever she got. We always had a present for my mum, but I have never bought her a mother’s day present in my life. That’s just not what mother’s day was about for us, we always made a present and would deliver it with breakfast in bed (I think although this might have just been a cup of tea, can’t quite remember that bit).

I have often wondered whether my mum faked her enthusiasm for our home made treasures and this Tuesday I got my answer. Elisabeth had made a mother’s day present at Jenny’s (our lovely childminder), it was a little cardboard bookmark on which she had stuck some sticker and done some drawing. It was just a little thing but I was over the moon with it and started using it straight away and I imagined using it for years and years and always remembering it as the first mother’s day present Elisabeth made me.

So, no, my mum most certainly did not fake her enthusiasm for our presents and I fully understand why some of them are still to be found in her house. I hope that I’ll be using my bookmark for a long time and I look forward to more mother’s day treasures as Elisabeth gets older.

14 thoughts on “Mother’s day

  1. You know, I wasn’t faking. You describe just the feeling I had in those days. I promise to keep the presents and……..the beautiful memory! Mum.

  2. awe, how sweet! I love gifts like that and still have most of mine. Some displayed, some hidden in dresser drawers, but all lovely!

    1. Thanks, I can’t wait to add to my collection πŸ™‚

  3. Definitely no ‘faking’ involved… I would suppose most mothers remember the first flower ever given to them by their child… the beloved ‘dandelion’ Diane

    1. Ah yes, the beloved ‘dandelion’, lovely πŸ™‚

  4. Very nice. I am glad it was such a pleasant day.
    Tulips – you are very Dutch – aren’t you.

    1. Thanks. Ha ha, yes I am very Dutch and I love tulips.

      1. My wife loves flowers. I am not sure if tulips are her favorite though I like them.

      2. I love all flowers, yellow roses are my favourite but tulips make me think of home.

  5. That’s so lovely. Use it in good health!

  6. It was my wife’s first Mother’s Day this year and it was great fun making the presents for her. Our son was born the day before Father’s Day last year so this year his first birthday is on Father’s Day. That’ll be a cool day πŸ™‚

    1. Ah, great times. Hope you enjoy father’s day!

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