Failure is not an option

Sometimes I forget that my body is just not capable of doing certain things. Sometimes I forget that I was the girl who could only stop running by falling over. Sometimes I forget that I was the girl who had no balance whatsoever. Sometimes I forget I was the girl who had to practice for days be […]

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Marathon Sunday

It isn’t that long ago that I went out running 4 or 5 times a week in preparation for realising my dream which was to run the Rotterdam marathon. As part of my training I scheduled a half marathon which I ran on an injured knee (torn cartilage), not a good idea. I should have […]

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How relaxing is a spa day?

I will tell you how relaxing a spa day is. It is amazing, mega, super duper, fantastic, awesomely relaxing. My lovely husband got me a voucher for a spa day for two for my birthday, including a massage, facial, manicure and a two course lunch. Brilliant! I wasn’t able to go earlier in the year (as […]

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Conversations with Elisabeth 2

Me: ‘What did you have for dinner at Jenny’s today?’ Elisabeth: ‘Mash and beans and fish fingers.’ – Me: ‘Really?’ – She actually had spaghetti 🙂 Me: ‘You’ve grown so big!’ Elisabeth: ‘I’m not big, daddy is big.’ Elisabeth: ‘Daddy is a boy and mummy is a lady.’ Me: ‘That’s right, daddy is a man […]

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‘Let’s go in the tent!’

One of Elisabeth’s favorite games at the moment is playing tent, and preferably in our bed. I have tried making her tents in the kitchen and conservatory with sheets over chairs etc but she won’t even go near them, the tent is in bed. Every night when we all (if my husband is home in time) go […]

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