‘Let’s go in the tent!’

One of Elisabeth’s favorite games at the moment is playing tent, and preferably in our bed. I have tried making her tents in the kitchen and conservatory with sheets over chairs etc but she won’t even go near them, the tent is in bed.

Every night when we all (if my husband is home in time) go upstairs for bath time Elisabeth says: ‘Let’s go in the tent mummy.’ By this she means that we go in our bed and pull the duvet over our heads and wait for her daddy to come and find us.

Whilst we wait she often makes me tomato soup or chocolate biscuits and occasionally ice cream. When we hear my husband coming up the stairs she looks at me and says: ‘I can hear him, ssshhhhhh.’ The look on her face when my husband stomps into the bedroom pretending not to know where we are is just amazing. She looks like she is going to burst with excitement. And when her daddy finds her and pulls the duvet off her she screams with delight and obviously says: ‘Let’s go in the tent again.’ and the whole game starts all over again.

Every night we do this three or four times, you’d think it would get boring but it is such a delight to see the excitement on her smiley face as she waits to be found that I could play tent all day every day. I also enjoy the break as all I have to do is lay in bed and hold the duvet up, whilst my husband runs her bath, gets everything ready for her bedtime and comes to find us in the tent. I think I got the better job there 🙂

8 thoughts on “‘Let’s go in the tent!’

  1. Isn’t it funny when they say lets do it again and they jump up like the time before? Of course, your husband is going to find her, yell boo (or whatever) and you will pretend to be scared. My younger boy in particular loved this thing too. I could get annoyed with it. However, like Elisabeth, it made him so happy so I did it with him many times. It was cool to see him be so happy over something so minor.

  2. Nou ja! Dat is precies wat Yves ook doet tot in detail! Schattig he en zo grappig 😉
    Groetjes Marianne

  3. I had forgotten until last summer when my 4 year old great-granddaughter came for a week’s visit with her Mom… just how much the little ones love to do the same game etc. over and over and still delight in it each time it is played…Diane

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