Conversations with Elisabeth 2

Me: ‘What did you have for dinner at Jenny’s today?’
Elisabeth: ‘Mash and beans and fish fingers.’ –
Me: ‘Really?’ – She actually had spaghetti ๐Ÿ™‚

Me: ‘You’ve grown so big!’
Elisabeth: ‘I’m not big, daddy is big.’

Elisabeth: ‘Daddy is a boy and mummy is a lady.’
Me: ‘That’s right, daddy is a man and mummy is a lady.’
Elisabeth: ‘No, daddy is a boy, daddy is not a man.’

16 thoughts on “Conversations with Elisabeth 2

  1. That is so funny. Such funny things they say, but the way they say it is cute too. You have a precious little girl!

  2. I remember looking out the window after a fabulous summer storm and and saying to Cameron aged 2 1/2 ish ‘Look at the pretty colours in the sky’ and him saying very matter of factly ‘That’s a rainbow Mummy’ – and looking at me as if he were teaching me something new!

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