How relaxing is a spa day?

I will tell you how relaxing a spa day is. It is amazing, mega, super duper, fantastic, awesomely relaxing.

My lovely husband got me a voucher for a spa day for two for my birthday, including a massage, facial, manicure and a two course lunch. Brilliant!

I wasn’t able to go earlier in the year (as one is not supposed to go when one is pregnant), but now everything is sort of starting to get back to normal after the miscarriage, I thought I deserved a treat and booked it. I took a day’s holiday from work because I didn’t really want to wait until they had spaces at the weekend, and today was the day.

I had assumed rightly that my husband was not the one to come with me, so my good friend Rachael offered to sacrifice a day’s holiday to keep me company 🙂

The day started at 10am with a back and neck massage followed by a facial, all this lasted an hour and it made us all sleepy, it was lovely. The massage was a bit painful at times, but I guess that was only because I really needed one. The facial was awesome with hot towels, face massage, exfoliation and all sorts of other stuff I normally don’t bother with.

After this we did a bit of swimming, sitting around in the hot tub, bit of reading, having a cup of tea until it was time for our lunch which was delicious. We had starter, main and pudding. It was lovely and so much that I am not sure whether I will need dinner tonight.

After lunch I had a long swim followed by a cup of tea. At half past 3 we went for a shower and got dressed ready for our manicure. We both chose a colour for our nails (Rachael picked a beautiful dark blue and I went for a sparkly pink one) and had them shaped and painted. Unfortunately they waited with giving us a feedback form to fill in until we had wet nails, quite tricky writing and Rachael ruined the polish on one of her nails. We then had to ask someone who hadn’t haad their nails done to get Rachael’s car keys out of the bottom of her bag to make sure they didn’t all get ruined 🙂

Must go now, I’m so relaxed I might have to go to sleep 🙂

8 thoughts on “How relaxing is a spa day?

  1. I’ve always thought about going for a spa day….but always seem to put it off…I think I will do it soon…Nice of your husband to give for two as I think it would be more enjoyable to share the time with a friend….Diane

  2. Ah, we had a lovely time! I’m still wearing the (slightly smudged!) nail polish!!! Thanks again to Mr Newman for a lovely treat!… Ragger

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