Change is good!

When I was little, change was my biggest enemy, well maybe not my biggest, but I certainly didn’t like it and couldn’t cope with it. When I was about 2 I stopped eating. For days my mum and dad desperately tried everything to make me eat, but nothing worked. Every time they put food in […]

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The week at Newman Towers

It’s been an eventful week at Newman Towers. Last weekend was our 8th wedding anniversary – I don’t feel old enough to have been married for 8 years! We didn’t go out and celebrate, Elisabeth stayed over at nanny and grampy and we had chinese takeaway and beer on the sofa watching Saturday night tv. […]

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Conversations with Elisabeth 3

Elisabeth: “Where are my nipples mummy?” Me:”Excuse me?” Elisabeth:”Where are my nipples mummy?” If I find out who is to blame for this they will be in serious trouble 🙂 This Tuesday Elisabeth didn’t really want to go to the child minder, she was tired and wanted to stay home with mummy or daddy. But […]

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