Change is good!

When I was little, change was my biggest enemy, well maybe not my biggest, but I certainly didn’t like it and couldn’t cope with it. When I was about 2 I stopped eating. For days my mum and dad desperately tried everything to make me eat, but nothing worked. Every time they put food in front of me I just shouted ‘kanepot!’. It was my big sister who figured out that it was the plate that was the problem, I wanted my clown plate. As soon as my mum put the food on my clown plate I started eating again. Change was definitely not good then.

As I got older I learned to deal with change a bit better (I even learned to eat from different plates!) and now I have a daughter I am thrilled about all the things that change in her little life. And lots of things are changing for our little monkey.

She no longer wants to drink out of a sippy cup as they are for babies and she is a big girl now, she reminds me of this
fact at least 10 times a day. “I’m a big girl now mummy”.

We have cancelled day time napping. Every time she had a nap during the day she would really struggle to go to sleep at night and would still be chatting away in her bed at 9pm. Now she goes to sleep straight away, and even though she is really tired at dinner time, which presents some challenges of it’s own, she is doing really well.

Even though Elisabeth has been sleeping in her “big girls bed” for months now, she has only just figured out that she has the freedom to get out of her bed and room by herself. In the middle of the night this is not such a welcome change, but in the morning it is ever so sweet when she comes charging into our room shouting “Mummy! Daddy!”.

Her talking is improving at an amazing pace. She has always been really good, but we’re now getting proper grammatically correct sentences like: “Can I have a yogurt please?”  and “It’s pretty, isn’t it.” It’s amazing how quick these little monsters learn.

All these changes make me a very proud mummy. Change is definitely good!


Potty training update no. 2 (quite the fitting title I think)

Elisabeth has had a bit of a difficult weekend, she has been very emotional and very clingy. My husband had a couple of late nights at work last week and Elisabeth really struggles when she doesn’t see him in the evenings. This weekend he was busy in our back garden, he is laying a big decking area which will be wonderful but is quite a big job. So Elisabeth has definitely not had enough daddy time this week and she is not afraid to let us know. Hopefully spending the day with him today will make up for it. She is also still suffering with her nasty cold which seems to be taking ages to clear.

With all of the above and potty training as well going on, sleep has not been very good lately. Saturday night was the first time in ages that we had a really bad night. Elisabeth woke up several times between midnight and 4am or 5am, I can’t remember, I was tired. When she learns new things her sleep (and therefore ours) has always been affected. And learning new things she has been….

Potty training is going amazingly well. I can’t remember when she last had a wee accident, the worst we get now is a little drop in her pants because she was a bit distracted and noticed she had to go a little late.

On Wednesday night she was watching a bit of t.v. before going to bed and I saw her moving into her pooing squat and I grabbed her and ran to the nearest potty, which unfortunately was upstairs, but we made it and Elisabeth did her first official poo on the potty! Yay! Since then she started telling me she needs a poo and she is now doing them on the potty. Luckily she is no longer going 3 times a day, which to be fair was already an improvement to the 6 times she used to go when she was a baby, so we only generally have one poo a day to deal with.

She is still wearing a nappy during the night and for her daytime nap, mainly because she often does a poo whilst asleep, but all in all we are pretty chuffed with how well she is doing.

But enough about poo. How was your weekend?


Potty training update no.1 (no pun intended)

As I mentioned in my last post (The week at Newman Towers) we started potty training Elisabeth last Wednesday and I am proud to say she is doing really well. On Sunday she really started getting the hang of it and told us when she needed to go, sometimes she was on time and sometimes she had done half her wee before she realised. And obviously there are still moments when she is so distracted by something else that she just lets it go, but these moments are definately in the minority now.

Monday was a really good day, as you might know my husband doesn’t work on Mondays so he can have a day with Elisabeth. They had a lovely day this Monday, Elisabeth was happy and didn’t have a single strop, they jad fun going shopping (without nappy!) and Elisabeth had a nice long nap (which she really needed to get over the cold she has been suffering with). To top it all off, when I came home from work she was wearing the same trousers as when I left in the morning, no accidents at all! I was a very proud mummy.

Yesterday she went to Jenny’s (child minder) without a nappy for the first time. She did really well there as well, they went to a play group and Elisabeth went to the toilet there no problem. She did soak one pair of her leggings, but I was expecting a lot more accidents. She also provided Jenny’s husband with a bit of amusement when just before I picked her up, she squatted down in the middle of the living room, done her business and ran up to him and shouted: “Pete! I done a poo! It’s a big one!” She does make me laugh.

I wonder what she’s done to nanny today, better get home soon to find out 🙂

The week at Newman Towers

It’s been an eventful week at Newman Towers.

Last weekend was our 8th wedding anniversary – I don’t feel old enough to have been married for 8 years! We didn’t go out and celebrate, Elisabeth stayed over at nanny and grampy and we had chinese takeaway and beer on the sofa watching Saturday night tv. Call us boring, but we enjoyed it. It’s been a good 8 years and I’m sure we have many more to come.

On Monday I took Elisabeth to a railway museum because it was Bank Holiday weekend so I didn’t have to go to work – yay! Believe me trains are far from my thing, they do not interest me at all, but my father in law does like them and they were going to be there. As my husband was on call and likely to be at work all day I thought it would be good to catch up with them, and they had a steam train you could ride on which Elisabeth loved! At one point we were sitting in a carriage with 4 other people (which we didn’t know) and Elisabeth was making the choo choo sound of the whistle. Then she looked at the other people in our carriage and said: Everybody say it with me…choo choo! And they all did, whilst I was struggling not to cry with laughter. We had a nice time.

On Wednesday we started potty training Elisabeth, which is going really well. She has been going on the potty every now and then since she was about 18 months so it wasn’t new to her. We had a go at it around Christmas last year (We’re going potty) but she got quite stressed out over it so we stopped, but we were sure she was ready this time. The first couple of days there were quite a few blooming lots of wet pairs of leggings to wash, but today the only accidents were a poo in her pants (she doesn’t do those on the potty yet, but apparently it’s normal for that  to take a bit longer, and a couple of wet leggings because I couldn’t get her to the potty quick enough – not her fault. So it is going great. Yay for Elisabeth. The reason why we had trouble getting to the potty on time is that when she needs a wee she says: “I’ve done a wee wee!” So we stop to check whilst she means that she is desperate for the potty, bless her. My little girl is most definitely growing up fast.

On Thursday my mum (oma) came to stay for a few days, which was great, and not only because it made washing hundreds of leggings easier :-). We had a great time and I think she enjoyed playing with Elisabeth although my favorite moment was without a doubt the look on her face when Elisabeth started spelling her name – show off 🙂

Unfortunately Elisabeth was coming down with a cold which meant she was very clingy and a bit more shy than normal, but I think they still had great fun together.

Today was a quiet day with a nice long break in the afternoon as Elisabeth had a much longer nap than normal. So all in all a pretty good week with lots of progress. I hope you all had a good week as well.


Conversations with Elisabeth 3

Elisabeth: “Where are my nipples mummy?”
Me:”Excuse me?”
Elisabeth:”Where are my nipples mummy?”
If I find out who is to blame for this they will be in serious trouble 🙂

This Tuesday Elisabeth didn’t really want to go to the child minder, she was tired and wanted to stay home with mummy or daddy. But when we got there she was fine, because she loves it at Jenny’s. When I opened the door to get her out of her car seat she said (completely unprompted might I add)
“I ove you mummy.”
Now that’s a good start of the day!

Elisabeth: “Dora’s got a big cock!”
Ha ha, she still struggles to say the ‘L’.

Even though Elisabeth can say the word ‘Help’ perfectly, every now and then when she wants me to do something, she will run around shouting: Hel, hel, hel, hel!

Elisabeth: “Daddy wants orange.”
Daddy: “I am going to have some cola Elisabeth.”
Elisabeth: “Daddy wants orange!”
Me: “Daddy is having a different drink Elisabeth.”
Elisabeth: “Daddy wants orange!!”
Bored of waiting until daddy has the drink she thinks he should have, she stomps over to the fridge, pulls it open, takes out the bottle of orange squash, drags it to the table and puts it in front of her daddy.
Elisabeth: “Daddy wants orange!!!”
No how can you refuse that. So, daddy had orange.