The week at Newman Towers

It’s been an eventful week at Newman Towers.

Last weekend was our 8th wedding anniversary – I don’t feel old enough to have been married for 8 years! We didn’t go out and celebrate, Elisabeth stayed over at nanny and grampy and we had chinese takeaway and beer on the sofa watching Saturday night tv. Call us boring, but we enjoyed it. It’s been a good 8 years and I’m sure we have many more to come.

On Monday I took Elisabeth to a railway museum because it was Bank Holiday weekend so I didn’t have to go to work – yay! Believe me trains are far from my thing, they do not interest me at all, but my father in law does like them and they were going to be there. As my husband was on call and likely to be at work all day I thought it would be good to catch up with them, and they had a steam train you could ride on which Elisabeth loved! At one point we were sitting in a carriage with 4 other people (which we didn’t know) and Elisabeth was making the choo choo sound of the whistle. Then she looked at the other people in our carriage and said: Everybody say it with me…choo choo! And they all did, whilst I was struggling not to cry with laughter. We had a nice time.

On Wednesday we started potty training Elisabeth, which is going really well. She has been going on the potty every now and then since she was about 18 months so it wasn’t new to her. We had a go at it around Christmas last year (We’re going potty) but she got quite stressed out over it so we stopped, but we were sure she was ready this time. The first couple of days there were quite a few blooming lots of wet pairs of leggings to wash, but today the only accidents were a poo in her pants (she doesn’t do those on the potty yet, but apparently it’s normal for that  to take a bit longer, and a couple of wet leggings because I couldn’t get her to the potty quick enough – not her fault. So it is going great. Yay for Elisabeth. The reason why we had trouble getting to the potty on time is that when she needs a wee she says: “I’ve done a wee wee!” So we stop to check whilst she means that she is desperate for the potty, bless her. My little girl is most definitely growing up fast.

On Thursday my mum (oma) came to stay for a few days, which was great, and not only because it made washing hundreds of leggings easier :-). We had a great time and I think she enjoyed playing with Elisabeth although my favorite moment was without a doubt the look on her face when Elisabeth started spelling her name – show off 🙂

Unfortunately Elisabeth was coming down with a cold which meant she was very clingy and a bit more shy than normal, but I think they still had great fun together.

Today was a quiet day with a nice long break in the afternoon as Elisabeth had a much longer nap than normal. So all in all a pretty good week with lots of progress. I hope you all had a good week as well.


9 thoughts on “The week at Newman Towers

  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all! I’m super fortunate that I never had to potty train my son – by that age he was in a private setting, Karla was watching him for me so that he didn’t have to go to daycare, and she potty trained him. I think it worked out well all the way around! I hope she gets to feeling better quickly! 🙂

  2. YAY for Elisabeth! Sounds like potty training is going great! And happy anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this past Saturday. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be together for it. I was at a day-long yoga meditation with my mom and he was at a Scouts camp with our daughter. Cards and kisses were exchanged in the wee hours of the morning before we both rush off to our destinations.

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