Potty training update no. 2 (quite the fitting title I think)

Elisabeth has had a bit of a difficult weekend, she has been very emotional and very clingy. My husband had a couple of late nights at work last week and Elisabeth really struggles when she doesn’t see him in the evenings. This weekend he was busy in our back garden, he is laying a big decking area which will be wonderful but is quite a big job. So Elisabeth has definitely not had enough daddy time this week and she is not afraid to let us know. Hopefully spending the day with him today will make up for it.Β She is also still suffering with her nasty cold which seems to be taking ages to clear.

With all of the above and potty training as well going on, sleep has not been very good lately. Saturday night was the first time in ages that we had a really bad night. Elisabeth woke up several times between midnight and 4am or 5am, I can’t remember, I was tired. When she learns new things her sleep (and therefore ours) has always been affected. And learning new things she has been….

Potty training is going amazingly well. I can’t remember when she last had a wee accident, the worst we get now is a little drop in her pants because she was a bit distracted and noticed she had to go a little late.

On Wednesday night she was watching a bit of t.v. before going to bed and I saw her moving into her pooing squat and I grabbed her and ran to the nearest potty, which unfortunately was upstairs, but we made it and Elisabeth did her first official poo on the potty! Yay! Since then she started telling me she needs a poo and she is now doing them on the potty. Luckily she is no longer going 3 times a day, which to be fair was already an improvement to the 6 times she used to go when she was a baby, so we only generally have one poo a day to deal with.

She is still wearing a nappy during the night and for her daytime nap, mainly because she often does a poo whilst asleep, but all in all we are pretty chuffed with how well she is doing.

But enough about poo. How was your weekend?


7 thoughts on “Potty training update no. 2 (quite the fitting title I think)

  1. What are you going to call the next post? There is no number three that I am aware of.
    Glad the potty training is going so well.
    I wonder why learning new things affects her sleep. Maybe, it is becuase she is so excited to learn.

    1. Ha ha, good point. Luckily she is doing so well that there probably is no need to have another potty post πŸ™‚
      It is quite strange how learning affects her sleep, maybe all the new stuff gets processed during the night as she is too busy picking up new things during the day πŸ™‚

      1. I think you mentioned this before – about the sleep beig affected.I think it is cool to think of it that way. Let her continue to be excited about learning – I sound like a teacher – don’t I?

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