Change is good!

When I was little, change was my biggest enemy, well maybe not my biggest, but I certainly didn’t like it and couldn’t cope with it. When I was about 2 I stopped eating. For days my mum and dad desperately tried everything to make me eat, but nothing worked. Every time they put food in front of me I just shouted ‘kanepot!’. It was my big sister who figured out that it was the plate that was the problem, I wanted my clown plate. As soon as my mum put the food on my clown plate I started eating again. Change was definitely not good then.

As I got older I learned to deal with change a bit better (I even learned to eat from different plates!) and now I have a daughter I am thrilled about all the things that change in her little life. And lots of things are changing for our little monkey.

She no longer wants to drink out of a sippy cup as they are for babies and she is a big girl now, she reminds me of this
fact at least 10 times a day. “I’m a big girl now mummy”.

We have cancelled day time napping. Every time she had a nap during the day she would really struggle to go to sleep at night and would still be chatting away in her bed at 9pm. Now she goes to sleep straight away, and even though she is really tired at dinner time, which presents some challenges of it’s own, she is doing really well.

Even though Elisabeth has been sleeping in her “big girls bed” for months now, she has only just figured out that she has the freedom to get out of her bed and room by herself. In the middle of the night this is not such a welcome change, but in the morning it is ever so sweet when she comes charging into our room shouting “Mummy! Daddy!”.

Her talking is improving at an amazing pace. She has always been really good, but we’re now getting proper grammatically correct sentences like: “Can I have a yogurt please?”  and “It’s pretty, isn’t it.” It’s amazing how quick these little monsters learn.

All these changes make me a very proud mummy. Change is definitely good!

7 thoughts on “Change is good!

  1. Wonderful! Embrace all those changes as much as you can. Our little ones change so fast at this stage. And isn’t it great when they come in (in the morning) to see you? We’re struggling with my little guy’s afternoon nap right now. If I were home with him, we would cancel it. But he’s in daycare and they insist he nap with the other children. Which means he doesn’t fall asleep until close to 9pm each night and he’s difficult to wake up in the morning.

    1. It is lovely when they come in in the morning, this morning she climbed into my bed and said: Mummy, I love you. Great start of the day.

      I can’t believe they make him nap, that is outrageous! Surely they should do what is best for the child. Hope it gets better soon.

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