Conversations with Elisabeth 4

Elisabeth: “Mummy, I have bogies.”
Me: “Ok, well let’s clean your nose.”
Elisabeth: “Mummy, I eat bogies in bed.”
Me: “Don’t eat bogies in bed, it’s not nice.”
Elisabeth: “I eat bogies in bed.”
Me: …sigh…

Me: “Come here my little dust bunny.”
Elisabeth: “I’m not a dust bunny.”
Me: “Ok, what are you then?”
Elisabeth: “I’m adorable!”

Elisabeth: (looking out the window) “I don’t see any seagulls.”
Me: “Do we like seagulls?”
Elisabeth: “No we don’t!”

Me: “We need to cut your nails Elisabeth.”
Elisabeth: “Daddy, mummy cut my fingers.”
Me: “I cut your nails not your fingers.”
Elisabeth: “Mummy cut my fingers.”
Me: …sigh…