Conversations with Elisabeth 5

Me: “Come on sausage, let’s go to the shops.” Elisabeth: “You can go to the shops mummy, I’ll stay here.” Me: “Look at mummy’s tummy, it’s getting bigger isn’t it.” Elisabeth: “Yes, like daddy’s.” Me: “It’s a bit bigger than daddy’s though.” Elisabeth: “No, daddy’s is bigger.” Daddy: (after a conversation about father christmas) “What […]

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Is it bed time yet?

As I have often written about our challenges with getting Elisabeth to sleep, I thought it’s only fair to tell you about our latest adventures. Elisabeth is now fully potty trained during the day but she still wears a nappy at night, after all she is only two and a half. She isn’t too keen […]

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Summer rocks!

Elisabeth told me today that she doesn’t do washing up, because washing up is mummy’s job! I don’t know who told her that but when I find out…… I can’t complain though as this afternoon I am splitting my time between playing in the garden with Elisabeth, lounging in the same garden in the sunshine […]

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