Is it bed time yet?

As I have often written about our challenges with getting Elisabeth to sleep, I thought it’s only fair to tell you about our latest adventures.

Elisabeth is now fully potty trained during the day but she still wears a nappy at night, after all she is only two and a half. She isn’t too keen on doing a wee in her nappy anymore though, now she does everything on the toilet she much prefers this to doing it in a nappy. This is good news but it does mean that she gets up every night around 23.30 to tell me she needs a wee wee. So every night I take her to the potty, she sits on it and…….nothing. Unfortunately she always wakes up after she has done a wee and then still wants to go potty. It’s a good thing though and most nights she goes back to sleep straight after without any problems. But not last night…..

Last night she woke at her normal time, I took her to the potty, she did nothing, we put on a clean nappy and she went back to bed. Only to start crying about a minute later because she had been sick all over her bed. My husband and I always tend to deal with these things in the same way. He cleans the baby, I take care of the bed and anything else that got sicked on. So whilst I changed her bed, washed her teddy and cleaned her bedroom floor, he bathed Elisabeth.

After everything was cleaned up we gave her a little drink and within 15 minutes it started all over again, this time on a chair in the living room. Poor little monkey. All together she was sick 4 times and it was 3.30 when we all finally went back to sleep.

I am lucky enough not to have to go to work tomorrow and even though there is a mountain of washing that I need to work through, I am glad to be at home. Considering Elisabeth has had 4 hours less sleep than normal, she is very well behaved and so far we have had quite a nice day, but to be honest I can’t wait to go to bed tonight, think it will be an early one.

Happy sleeping everyone!

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