Weirdness in Newman Towers

Last weekend was the first weekend in ages that we didn’t have any plans. We have had quite a few lovely but busy weekends with my sister and co visiting (which was awesome) and lots of birthday parties (lots of fun), but this weekend we were happy to not have any plans.

Friday was a bit of a weird day, it started off cloudy and rainy. The weather has been unusually warm here for the last couple of months – considering we’re in the UK! – but Friday felt like a true British summer day. In the morning Elisabeth and I played inside. The thing I like about rainy days is coming up with ways to keep Elisabeth entertained that don’t include watching t.v. And Friday we decide on making a tent out of some cardboard I had lying around. Elisabeth enjoyed “helping” me put it together and then had lots of fun covering it in stickers. After lunch the sun came out so we could get outside and what Elisabeth likes best about rainy days: jumping in muddy puddles! We spent ages outside looking for the biggest puddles to jump in. At one time she actually sat down in the middle of one, needless to say that she was soaking wet by the time we came home, but it was so much fun.

Friday was also my husband’s birthday, however when I got up Friday morning, my internal calendar seemed to have forgotten to turn to the next page, so I spent all morning thinking that it was Thursday and hubbies birthday was tomorrow……….until at lunchtime I realised that it was indeed Friday and I hadn’t even wished him a happy birthday yet! Bad wife! Luckily he isn’t really bothered about his birthday and I was easily forgiven because of the offer of Chinese take away for dinner (his favourite).

Saturday was mostly spent putting new furniture together. Because of our addition due in January we had to move some stuff around in the house and this weekend was the turn of our guest room. Out with the big kingsize bed and in with a single bed, with another guest bed underneath, and a huge bookcase for all the stuff that needs to come out of the “nursery to be” and live somewhere else. We were expecting this room to look ok, but it felt like a bit of a compromise. When we finished though, it looked really nice, bonus!

At about 2pm I was truly exhausted and decided to take Elisabeth upstairs so she could watch a bit of t.v. (she was up early and very tired) and I could have a bit of a lay down. This was rather relaxing and I even got a few minutes snooze in here and there. What seemed like too early it was half past four and time to make dinner, so Elisabeth went to “help” daddy with the furniture and I went downstairs to cook dinner…….only to be told a few minutes later that the clock in the living room showed that it was only half past 3! I checked the kitchen clock which agreed with the one in the living room. My alarm clock had lied to me! It has done this before where it tells me it is an hour later than it is. It is hard enough to keep my pregnancy brain reasonably clear without my alarm clock playing tricks on it. It was a very strange feeling, but nice that I had an extra hour to spend laying with Elisabeth.

Sunday we spent most of the day finishing off the guest room, although I did get a bit of time relaxing in the sun which I haven’t really been able to do because the intense heat of recent weeks made my preghaustion even worse than it already was (yes, I felt the need to make up a new word because exhausted just doesn’t cover it). Anyway, because it was a bit cooler I thoroughly enjoyed half an hour or so in the sun with a book, a very nice end to a slightly weird weekend.

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