It’s a boy Mrs Walker, it’s a boy…..

Last Wednesday it was finally time for our 20 week scan. It’s been a long nervous wait, and even though the baby started kicking a couple of weeks ago my nerves weren’t settled until I saw the little heart beating away. Everything was checked and measured and all was ok, yay!

And it’s a boy!

So now the search for a name has started, both me and my husband like traditional names and when I was pregnant with Elisabeth we decided quite quickly because I always wanted my daughter to be called Elisabeth (which was the middle name of 3 much loved family members, my nan, auntie and cousin) and it was the only name my husband really liked. Easy peasy.

This time we have 4 favourites to choose from, I’ve been through a whole baby names book and couldn’t find any that I like better than the 4 we have. Luckily we both like all 4 of the names, although we both have a different favourite. It’s funny how you don’t really know whether you like a name until you say it out loud.

It’s clearly also been on my husband’s mind who had a dream that we called him ‘Napalm Newman’!?!? I don’t think we’re going to go for that though 🙂



The simple things

So I’m not even 20 weeks in and already I’m struggling to put my socks on, bit worrying.

Anyway, enough on that. The weekend at Newman Towers was at times productive, relaxing and really enjoyable.

Saturday was very productive, Gareth managed to paint the last of the outside window frames, a job that really needed to be done before winter. We also got rid of some furniture we have had since before we got married. These were some of the last bits we still had from when we first moved in together and it’s always a bit sad to see those things go. But we need the room for cots, changing tables and so on. Luckily two lovely people I used to work with were moving in together this weekend and they needed furniture, problem solved!

Sunday was a really enjoyable day, because we were quite busy the day before we thought we would take Elisabeth to feed the ducks in Dedham (a wonderful little village with lots of beautiful countryside to walk through, and of course lots of ducks). It was one of those relaxing mornings spending quality time with hubby and Elisabeth, pretty much the kind of morning I imagined I would have when I used to think about what it would be like to have kids.

Elisabeth really enjoyed feeding the ducks:

And we enjoyed the fact she had enough roon to run around and burn some of the excess energy she woke up with:

But her favourite part (she said so in the car on the way home) was her snack:

Well, she did have the best seat in the house, and I was reminded of how difficult getting up can be when pregnant 🙂

All in all a great morning full of the simple things in life.