Crazy times

The last month or so has been a bit crazy in Newman Towers.

The bad crazy – Just after we bought a “new” car and booked a little break for Elisabeth, me and hubby we heard that the company my husband works for has gone bust and it was likely that half of the employees would be made redundant. There is never a good time for news like this, but 2 and a half months before one of our incomes will be more than halved due to maternity leave and just after we, for the first time in our married life, borrowed a bit of money to buy a car to accommodate our growing family, is more than a little stressful.

But long story short, he has still got a job which we are very grateful for.

The good crazy – A couple of weeks ago hubby and I had a week off from work and we both thught it would be nice to treat Elisabeth to some fun time away. So we went to Peppa Pig World! We booked tickets for two days in the park and two days in a hotel nearby.

Elisabeth had just started to understand the concept of holiday (through watching Peppa Pig funnily enough) and she was really excited even though we hadn’t told her where we were going.

The day we left we all got up at 5am to try and beat some of the traffic around London and we did quite well, took us 5 hours in total to get there, and that was with 4 toilet stops. We weren’t expecting too much of the park if I’m honest and we didn’t think we would be there for very long the first day because Elisabeth was very tired. But how wrong we were, Elisabeth loved it………and so did we!

The first ride we went on was a little train, which Elisabeth loved. Because it was a blue train she called it Thomas (she’s just a tiny bit obsessed with Thomas). I love the massive grin on her face on this picture


We all enjoyed the balloon ride


Elisabeth wanted to go down a really high water slide over and over again, it looked fun but I didn’t think it was a pregnancy safe ride so hubby was the lucky one


Because Elisabeth was so well behaved, on the second day she got to pick something from the gift shop, she chose a ‘George’ umbrella, which was good because it was chucking it down!


All in all it was a very enjoyable holiday, Elisabeth loved staying in the hotel because she got to sleep in the room with us, which went better than expected. Unfortunately Elisabeth woke up with a high temperature on the last night in the hotel, so I sat with her for about an hour until her temperature went down and she was happy to go back to sleep. This messed up our plans to go for a swim in the hotel pool on Saturday morning, but hey, you can’t have everything. We are very pleased that we managed to get away and spend some quality time with the three of us before we will be a family of four.


Conversations with Elisabeth 6

Me: “What do you think is in mummy’s tummy Elisabeth?”
Elisabeth: “A baby.”
Me: “I think so too. What do baby’s sleep in?”
Elisabeth:”A cot.”
Me: “Yes, they do. So maybe when the baby is out of mummy’s tummy, we can ask daddy to put your old cot back together and the baby can sleep in there.”
Elisabeth: “Yes, good idea.”

Elisabeth: “Mummy, what are these?”
Me: “They’re boobies.”
Elisabeth: “I don’t have boobies.”
Me: “No, not yet, when you’re bigger you’ll have boobies.”
Elisabeth: “Mummy, where are your real boobies.”
Me: “These are my real boobies!”

Me: “What do you think babies drink Elisabeth?”
Elisabeth: “They drink milk.”
Me: “That’s right. And when they are born they drink milk out of their mummy’s boobies.”
Elisabeth: (looks at me as if I have gone crazy) “No they don’t, they drink out of bottles mummy.”

Elisabeth: “Nanny, daddy has a really big tummy.”
Nanny: “Has he really?”
Elisabeth: “Yes, he has lots of food in his tummy. Mummy has a baby in her tummy.”

Elisabeth: “Mummy, Thomas is Percy’s best friend.” (she is crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine)
Me: “That’s nice, who is your best friend?”
Elisabeth: “You of course mummy!” (the answer to this questions changes on a daily basis, but I’m going with this one!)

Me: (after reading a winnie the pooh book) “Can you bounce like Tigger?”
Elisabeth: “No mummy, because I’m not a bouncing expert.”

Elisabeth: “Can Father Christmas get me a bicycle and a car please? I need a car of my own.”

Elisabeth: (in the car) “Mummy, where is the satnav?”
Me: “I thought you were two and a half?”