Halloween and bonfire night in Newman Towers


When I was growing up, we didn’t even know there was such an event as Halloween. It wasn’t celebrated in Holland at that time, and I’m not sure whether it is now, so I didn’t grow up with it. Here in England it has become more popular over the last few years, but I doubt I will ever embrace this day as so many others do. First of all, I hate dressing up, always have done, from when I was little I have always tried to avoid it as much as possible and nowadays I just don’t do it. Secondly, I don’t agree with trick or treating for various reasons which I will not go into, it’s just not something I want Elisabeth to be doing. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t do anything, we had a little Halloween party at home. We carved a pumpkin, put in a candle and made some decorations which Elisabeth stuck on all over the kitchen. And obviously the pumpkin bucket was used as well:

My husband was home early for the party and we had pancakes for dinner and jelly for afters. Elisabeth kept switching off all the lights and saying: “Look mummy, I made it halloween” šŸ™‚ we all had a lovely time (although there was quite a strong burnt/rotten pumpkin smell in the kitchen , our pumpkin wasn’t in great shape, ha ha).

Bonfire night

At the weekend my dad came to visit, and as it would be bonfire night on the Tuesday we thought it would be nice to do our fireworks on Saturday. Last year Elisabeth loved the fireworks and she was very upset when they had all gone. So we had an early dinner to make sure we had plenty of time and still have Elisabeth in bed at a decent time.

Whilst hubby prepared to light the fireworks, Elisabeth, my dad and I made ourselves comfortable in the conservatory. Quite nice watching fireworks from a comfy sofa :-).

They were not the best fireworks we have ever had and the first one seemed rather keen on attacking my husband who didn’t think he needed to come inside. This completely freaked Elisabeth out who then wanted to go all the up to her bedroom and hide under her duvet “I want to in the tent mummy!”. I managed to talk her into watching out of her bedroom for a bit, we stayed there for a couple of minutes and she then agreed to come back downstairs but only if we took her duvet down with us so we could sit in the “tent”, safe from the fireworks. So we settled on the sofa in the “tent” and waited for the next firework, it must have looked quite amusing. After “enjoying” a couple of fireworks from within the “tent” we could then come out of it when my husband had made it safely inside. This went on for quite a while, but eventually she was brave enough to ditch the duvet and run around absolutely loving it!

Hopefully next year she will not need the “tent” and my husband will remember to come inside šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Halloween and bonfire night in Newman Towers

  1. I realize that not all places take part in Halloween. It’s thought of in different ways even with those who do. I do not particularly like the ‘dark’ side of it… ghouls and such… Growing up and in raising our own children we did like to dress up but in fun things…and it used to be a lot safer to go and ‘shell our’ at people’s homes. It’s a shame that life has become too complicated and it can’t be just the fun it was once… Even here many families are opting for private halloween parties instead of going out to shell out… and of course many don’t realize that Halloween is considered a spiritual time ‘All Hallows Eve’ when those who have departed this life (saints) are remembered…. Diane

    1. You’re right, the true meaning of holidays are often forgotten, which is a shame. When Elisabeth is a bit older I shall make sure I will tell her what it is really about.

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