Lana von Strudel

<Elisabeth names everything. Her scooter is called Thomas because he is blue like Thomas the Tank Engine. Her bicycle is called Rudolph because when she came into the living room on Christmas morning her wrapped up bike did look like a reindeer. Our car is called Azun which she picked up from Dora the Explorer and there are many more things that have names. 

Next week Elisabeth is going to pre-school every afternoon, so we have been making the most from our afternoons together. we enjoy sitting in our dining room where Elisabeth can draw and I do some sewing or make some jewellery, she loves watching me when I make "pretty things". The other day I was making wire wrapped rings and she pointed at my wooden mandrel and said: "Let's give that a name mummy. Let's call it….let's call it Lana von Strudel." I was rather speechless to be honest. I later found out that this Lana von Strudel is a character in a Bob the Builder film she has been watching, so it is not quite as random as I initially thought but still it made me laugh, and my ring mandrel will forever be called Lana von Strudel.

Elisabeth is quite worried about going to pre-school, she is worried because she won't see Jenny (her childminder) anymore, she is worried because "there might be scary children there mummy!" But the thing that she most often mentions is that she is worried because "I just want to be with you all the time mummy." Poor little lamb. I know she will be fine and it will be good for us both to spend a little time apart, as we have been seeing a lot of each other with me being on maternity leave, but I can't help wanting to pick her up in my arms and never letting her go.

Jacob will miss her too, he loves nothing more than watching her. He is doing very well my little giant baby. He is absolutely massive, so much so that I am starting to worry about my back! His nappy suits are size 12-18 months and he is not even 8 months old yet. He eats enormous amounts and still wants 4 bottles a day – although 2 of them are now a lot smaller than before. He is sleeping less and less during the day, he now has 2 naps of about an hour and after a month of bad night time sleeping he is slowly getting back to sleeping through the night again. He is a very relaxed baby – as long as his food comes often, quickly and in big amounts – and has a great sense of humour. If I do something that he finds funny, he often laughs so much that he gives himself hiccups, which then will make him laugh even more.

Elisabeth has her moments when she just doesn't want him around, she struggles with having to share my attention with Jacob and an ever increasing amount of washing. Sometimes when I cuddle her in her bed when she can't sleep she quietly tells me that she doesn't want a baby in the house anymore, but other days she tells she wants another baby – unlikely!

I have really enjoyed watching Elisabeth become more independent over the last month. The first time I heard her go to the toilet on her own without asking for my help was really strange. The second time she used so much toilet paper she seriously blocked the toilet. It is great to know that if she needs the toilet whilst she is at pre-school she is capable of going on her own. Today we were on our way upstairs to clean her teeth when Jacob started crying so I popped back down to see him and said to Elisabeth that I would be up in a minute, when I got back upstairs she was in the bathroom cleaning her teeth! And when I tried to help her she got in a right strop telling me that she doesn't need help because she is so much bigger now 🙂

So, I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about next week, but I think she is going to do great and she will love it.

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