Most of it good

I can’t believe it has been two months since I last posted, well actually I can believe it, I don’t seem to get around to doing anything at the moment. Jacob is at that stage where he wants to crawl all day and touch everything he is not meant to. He will stand up holding onto whatever is closest and then forget he can’t walk and topple over. Bless him. It is fun and time consuming but I am lucky that I get to see every minute of it. For another two weeks at least, then it will be back to work for two days a week. I don’t like leaving my babies for the day but I am looking forward to going back to work and having a day without changing nappies and maybe going to the toilet on my own without someone walking in and wanting something 😃. A lunch break sounds rather heavenly as well to be honest. Oh yes, and using my brain again, assuming it is still there in working order.

Elisabeth has been going to school for over two months now and she loves it! She adores her teachers and loves writing her name. I was doubtful about the school at first (and I still have worries about “the audience” if you catch my drift) but they have done great so far. And as long as Elisabeth is happy there I am happy too. I love picking her up from school in the afternoon, all parents queue up in the hallway (this is England after all, they love a good queue over here!) and the children come out one by one. They are not allowed to run in the classroom and Elisabeth is very strict when it comes to rules like that, so she walks, but you can see how difficult she finds it not to run towards me and she has this funny “I’m not running honest” walk 😃. If the weather is good we go for a scooter ride before we go home to give us all some fresh air. Jacob hates going in the buggy but he loves watching Elisabeth scootering at breakneck speed.

Jacob is doing very well, he loves his food but struggles to eat enough to keep him going. So he wakes up early. Today it was 4.30, normally it is about 5. I don’t particularly enjoy this but I vividly remember many nights with Elisabeth when she didn’t get to sleep until 4.30 so I am not complaining. Unless he is ill or teething (or both like a couple of weeks ago poor little lamb) he will sleep all night and only wakes up every now and then if he can’t find his dummy. He goes to sleep easily as well, last night he was asleep before I even zipped up his sleeping bag. All in all he sleeps really well, but I do look forward to getting up a bit later, ah well, who needs sleep anyway.

It has been nice to have a little bit of time “on my own” every day when Elisabeth is at school. Because Jacob goes down for his nap when we get back from dropping her off I get an hour, or sometimes two, to do some chores, sometimes make some jewellery and more important to have a bit of peace and quiet without the constant demands of two kiddos.

A few weeks ago my husband’s nanna passed away, she was 82 and had spent her last few months in hospital with a broke leg so even though it was very sad, there was a sense of relief that she was no longer suffering and was finally reunited with her beloved Bill who passed away 7 or 8 years ago and who she missed desperately. My husband told Elisabeth what had happened to great nanna and she dealt with it very well. She and Jacob stayed with me when everyone went to the funeral as my husband didn’t want them to come and I didn’t want to leave them with anyone else, but we all went to meet everyone at the pub afterwards for sandwiches and Elisabeth had a great time meeting all the family from Wales. Hope you rest in peace nanna.

So lots going on in Newman Towers, most of it good 😃

2 thoughts on “Most of it good

  1. I kind of smiled when you said you were going back to work and it would be good to use your brain again… ‘like managing the house and taking care of two small children, who on a whim can do anything ..anytime…. is not using your brain. But I get the drift of using it for business purposes instead of household and child ones. I hope the little one starts to sleep later, as going out to work.. you’ll need good rest… take care.. Diane

    1. Ha ha Diane, you are so right! You have to have your wits about you constantly when you are looking after kiddos but in a completely different way then when you are trying to figure out why a piece of software isn’t working, it is that bit of the brain that I worry has got a bit rusty 😃. Anyway, nice to hear from you, hope you are well x

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