Als ik kon toveren……

Elisabeth told her daddy the other day that she wished she had a magic wand. When he asked what she would magic with it, she said the following:

“I would magic another daddy, so when you go to work I still have a daddy to play with. And I would magic that Jacob could walk and play with me.”

Bless her, playing with mummy is clearly no longer sufficient ğŸ˜ž. And she loves her brother to bits but his inability to play with her frustrates her on a daily basis. He doesn’t sit still when she wants to cuddle him and the rest of the time he crawls all over her game. Poor little lamb.

Tomorrow is Elisabeth’s first Christmas Production. She is performing in “The Bossy King” at school (pre-school that is). They all get to dress up like angels and have been rehearsing the songs for months. She is very excited and I can’t wait to see it!

Now, I better get back to wrapping some presents, it will be the 25th before you know it. Happy Christmas everyone!

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