Conversations with Jacob #1

Me: Morning Jacob.
Jacob: Wow!

Me: Would you like a drink?
Jacob: Wow!

Me: Look Jacob, a dog.
Jacob: Wow!

Me: What would you like for lunch?
Jacob: Wow!

Me: Night night Jacob.
Jacob: Wow!

The boy is a genius šŸ˜‚

5 thoughts on “Conversations with Jacob #1

  1. What joy, just the exuberance of a child… Diane

    1. It’s great Dianne, every time I put his food in front of him he says ‘Wow!’ šŸ˜„


    1. Ha! Indeed šŸ˜„. It is not the most impressive vocab, but it certainly is fun! The only other word he says is ‘ball’ ha ha.


  2. Certainly cute and funny…

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