The end is near….

Elisabeth is getting towards the end of the first term of big girl school. And she is tired. She is very tired. She is very very tired. She is very very very tired. She is tired to the stage where if she drops a pen she bursts out in tears poor little lamb.

It is hard to see her get so upset and there is not a lot I can do about it, apart from making sure she rests as much as possible and she is in bed at 7pm sharp! But even worse than this are her strops. Oh my, does she throw a strop when she is exhausted. It is hard to believe that this is the same little angel who never really had her terrible twos abd who didn’t really strop or misbehave until she was 3! And again because she is so tired it is almost impossible to calm her down and sometimes it seems best to let her get it out of her system and just make sure I’m around and ready for a cuddle when she is done.

Apart from the tiredness she is doing really well at school. As expected she is super excited about learning to read. She now reads us a story at bedtime! Last night I heard her spell her brother’s name whilst she was on the toilet. J-A-C-O-B J-A-C-O-B J-A-C-O-B so sweet!

But I tell you what, I am so glad this term is nearly over. A few more weeks until she can relax and re-energise……..ready for the next term!

3 thoughts on “The end is near….

  1. Poor little dear. Is this unusual for her to be so tired? It does seem that school, while it is challenging shouldn’t really tire her so much. But of course you know her, and perhaps that this is quite the normal thing when she goes all day to school… Diane

    1. She does get really tired when learning new things as she takes in so much. I am sure she will get used to it. The days are so long for the little ones. In Holland they all have half day on Wednesday, her they go full days all week xx

  2. They do work so hard that they tire themselves out. I used to have my kids work on more work when they got home from school and I quickly discovered that it was pointless. They weren’t absorbing anything and they were exhausted and cranky all the time after a full day sitting at a desk in class. Now, when they are assigned homework, I tell their teacher they will do the best they can in the 15-30 minutes (depending on age) that I allow them to work on it. After that, they are in free play mode. This has worked wonderfully well for us. And so far, I’ve had no problems with the teachers.

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