If I could save time in a bottle…

If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d like to do…

Jim Croce wanted to ‘save every day, til eternity passes away, just to spend them with you’.

If I could save time in a bottle, I’d probably just re-use it over and over again to do lots of little things, like one more cuddle at bedtime with the little people, add some extra time to the school day so I can actually sit down with a cup of tea for a change, or save a weekend and spend it lounging with hubby.

Unfortunately time passes at its own break-neck-speed, regardless of what we want to do with it.

The last two and a half years (i.e. since I finally got my lazy bum in gear and started writing my first novel – Left Behind) things have been crazy. They’ve been filled with parenting two young, amazing and exhausting little people, working 3 days a week in my “job that pays the bills” job, starting up a copywriting business and, of course, writing and re-writing (and re-re-writing and re-re-re-writing etc etc) Left Behind. It’s been great but busy. Constantly trying to find time to hit my word count or edit that final chapter without dropping any balls like making dinner, getting to work on time and making enough time to play with the little people is hard.

When you have so many things on the go, all you seem to do is prioritise. Which balls do you drop? What do you make sure you always do? And what can wait til tomorrow? – turns out, quite a lot! So my initial, and hugely naive, deadline of writing a book in a year, even though I’d never done it before and I didn’t really know what I was doing, turned out to be unrealistic and two and more than doubled. But to be honest, it isn’t that bad, considering.

Let’s not get too excited though as it is not completely finished yet. I’m about to read through it, and make some final changes, before I send it to my editor. (I know! I have an editor! How exciting!). And what better way to do a read through than to have it printed as an actual book? I know it’s completely unnecessary, but I do think it will give the editing process a completely different feel, which is good as I’ve read this book dozens of times in the last couple of years so any variation is good!

I’m guessing it will take me about a week to read and mark anything I want to change and then another week to make the changes. I could do it quicker but this timeframe leaves me free for the occasional Netflix binge because I don’t know how long I can delay watching ‘Designated Survivor’ for. Kiefer Sutherland for president and all (I mean, weirder things have happened….)

So here’s to a couple of weeks of reading and tinkering……wish me luck!

One thought on “If I could save time in a bottle…

  1. I will send you some time in a bottle from my beach and you will find the bottle on yours.Lots of luck included

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