I’m back!

It’s been a while. A long while. A way too long while since I even logged on to WordPress, let alone wrote anything! But I’m back, well I’m trying to be (I imagine¬†Arnie saying “I’ll try to be back” wouldn’t have made quite the same impact – ha ha). Jacob has recently started pre-school 3 […]

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It’s the words that count!

Ever since my husband bought me a kindle for Christmas just over a year ago, I have been involved in several discussions on whether they are a good thing or whether we should stick to books just to make sure they will still be around in a hundred years time. I have also read several […]

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To Kindle or not……

I love books, I love reading, I love owning and buying books. I love standing in front of my bookcase and thinking hmmmm, what shall I read next. Shall I pick one that I have never read before or re-read a favourite, should it be easy reading or a bit more intellectual, English or Dutch, […]

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