Marathon Sunday

It isn’t that long ago that I went out running 4 or 5 times a week in preparation for realising my dream which was to run the Rotterdam marathon. As part of my training I scheduled a half marathon which I ran on an injured knee (torn cartilage), not a good idea. I should have known when my number arrived – I was number 13. Even though I was in pain from about mile 2, I was overtaken by at least 3 other runners (it was a 2 lap course) and I came last (yes last!!), I loved the experience. My knee got kind of fixed, but it is unlikely that I will ever be able to run the 26 and a bit miles through my favorite city in the world.

Today was marathon day in London, a great event which I now enjoy watching as a non-runner. Just before the start there was a 30 second silence to reflect oon the awful events in Boston earlier this week. I switched all Elisabeth’s noisy toys off and we both sat quietly for the 30 seconds, well as quietly as you can expect a 2 year old to be, she did well bless her.

It was great to see the black ribbons being worn and so many people dedicating their run to the Boston victims and their families. ┬áThere were quite a few choked up moments. Today’s amazing event was such a great way to say ”screw you” to the idiots of this world who think they can kill people’s spirit. It will never happen, people will unite and come out fighting and today was a great example of just that.

Well done to all of today’s runners, supporters, organisers and volunteers.


No more smelly busses…..

Why is it that there are always smelly people on my bus? Almost every time I get on a bus it is full of smelly people, and they always seem to come and sit next to me. Sweat, smoke, booze, nothing seems to be too much. Do these people not shower? Do they think in the morning, oh I’m going by bus – no need to wash!

Anyway, today was the first day of my new exercise routine, and the end of smelly bus journeys. I cycled to work for the first time in about 2 years……and it was great! It is only just over 3 miles, but that is better than nothing. And it saves me spending money on not so enjoyable bus journeys, so it’s all good! And I love my bike, it’s a big proper Dutch bike and even though it is much harder work than a mountain bike, it is far more relaxing.

And on my days off, Elisabeth and I like to go for a ride together…..


You can take a girl out of Holland………