Not so bad, considering

Yesterday morning I was all ready to sit down and write a post about how tiring and not nice my day was on Friday. Being a mummy is the best things in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but there are days when you’re so tired, when the kiddos are so […]

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So you want to be a vegan?

Well, not really. So what is your point then, I hear you ask. I tell you what my point is, my point is we eat too much meat and dairy. All of us (well apart from the veggies and vegans amongst us of course). I was raised on a 90% vegetarian diet and I can […]

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Failure is not an option

Sometimes I forget that my body is just not capable of doing certain things. Sometimes I forget that I was the girl who could only stop running by falling over. Sometimes I forget that I was the girl who had no balance whatsoever. Sometimes I forget I was the girl who had to practice for days be […]

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How relaxing is a spa day?

I will tell you how relaxing a spa day is. It is amazing, mega, super duper, fantastic, awesomely relaxing. My lovely husband got me a voucher for a spa day for two for my birthday, including a massage, facial, manicure and a two course lunch. Brilliant! I wasn’t able to go earlier in the year (as […]

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I’m not usually one to moan about the weather, I like all seasons (although I do have a soft spot for spring) including winter. I don’t mind the cold, I like the cozy atmosphere the cold creates inside. I also like a bit of snow, it makes everything pretty and is lots of fun to […]

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