So you want to be a vegan?

Well, not really. So what is your point then, I hear you ask. I tell you what my point is, my point is we eat too much meat and dairy. All of us (well apart from the veggies and vegans amongst us of course). I was raised on a 90% vegetarian diet and I can […]

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Proper fess up

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t delighted (or more likely bored) you with my diet adventures recently. I could come up with all sorts of excuses for that, but I’m not going to. To be honest (and I do like a bit of honesty) I got bored of it. I know I […]

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Fess up no.2

It’s been great having access to my bike again, Elisabeth loves to go for bike rides and I really enjoy it too. Unfortunately, the seat at the front of the bike is too small for her now so soon she will have to go in a seat on the back. She is really excited about […]

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Fess up no.1

Morning! As promised an update on how I am getting on with the eating less – moving more plan, and I’m pleased to say it has been quite good actually. Last Monday and Tuesday weren’t that great, I was in a grouchy old mood when I came home. This wasn’t completely unexpected as food and […]

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Fess up!

Time to fess up. I weigh 183lbs. There, I’ve said it. Before you judge me, please consider that I am 6ft tall so it is now as bad as it sounds. However, I just looked in my diary and the last time I weighed 183lbs I was 7 months pregnant!……that’s not good!……that’s bad! Although in […]

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