That’s unusual….

Something really strange happened today, I bought a pair of jeans in a charity shop but that is not the strange part, the fact that they were for me is the weird bit!
Now, I love charity shops. They help me do everything I believe in; lower my carbon foot print, support a charity (the 2 near me are especially good as they support children charities) and I get a bargain. I buy a lot of Elisabeth’s clothes there, it is all good.
I hear you thinking, so what was so weird then? Let me explain. The thing is, I’m tall. Not just a little bit on the long side, I’m proper tall. Six foot and a bit is where my top of my head reaches. Where I am from, which is Holland by the way, this is considered only reasonably tall. However in England, where I live now, this is very unusual. Lucky for me is that I don’t mind being unusual, normal is boring right, but I do mind not being able to buy any clothes that fit me freakin’ anywhere! I can only shop in the tall section (or as I call it, freak section) of shops, and to make matters worse, most shops in the town where I live have moved their freak sections out of their shops and you can only buy online now. Perhaps having all these beautiful tall women walking around the shop made the shorter versions jealous?
So, today I was browsing the jeans in the charity shop around the corner and I saw one that stuck out at the bottom. That’s unusual, I thought. I checked the label which said size 14 standard length. I automatically put them back as my legs are a lot of things, but standard length they are not. But back on the hanger, they just looked too long to be true. I picked them up again and decided to try them on, after all I have already dealt with about a million jeans related disappointments in my life, one more wasn’t going to make a difference. I went in the changing room, tried them on, got ready by putting on my ‘never mind it was worth a try face’ and was utterly shocked by the fact that they were long enough! And even better they were £4.49!!!!!!! Brilliant!
Who would have thought my 36 inside leg stilts would ever fit in a standard length.

p.s. just to make it clear, I don’t actually think I am that tall, it’s the people around me who are just so short 🙂