Sleep? Yes please!

So, we are finally getting a little bit more sleep. Elisabeth, my wonderful 14 month old daughter is responding well to the sleep training we’re putting her through (for the second time!). She has never been a good sleeper so we’re very happy that she is now, finally, sleeping through most nights.

Last night she woke up at 21.40 and cried so hard that I thought she was surely in enormous pain. But when I picked her up for a cuddle, she immediately stopped and snuggled against my shoulder. That’s when I realised I had been fooled, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her, she just fancied a cuddle. Understandable, yes. Acceptable, I guess as she is only 14 months old. Preferable, most definately not. So I put her back in bed and after another 5 minutes of screaming she went back to sleep. I settled on the floor under a, way too small, blanket and tried to have a bit of sleep myself as I knew she would be waking up every now and then to check I was still there. At 22.45 she was fast asleep and I managed to sneak out.

And this is how I found her this morning at 7.15…….


Even taking this picture with flash didn’t wake her up, sleepy little monkey. Let’s hope we’ll have some more of that over the weekend!

Elske x


Hello world!


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Elske x