De-icious, children do say the funniest things!

After a good three weeks of feeling rotten with the cold from hell, I finally feel better. I still get out of breath from walking up the stairs (although that is probably lack of fitness rather than cold) but I have been able to sleep without having to take cold medicine to knock me out, so I can’t complain 🙂

Elisabeth’s talking has really improved over the last few weeks and she comes out with some funny stuff.

Everytime Elisabeth eats or drinks something that she likes she will lift her little face up, put on this huge smile and say: de-icious! She is also really into talking on the phone, whether this is the real phone or her toy phone doesn’t seem to matter to her. She has regular conversations with Bob the builder, Peppa Pig and Dora the explorer 🙂

Last Wednesday she happily spent an hour and a half in her cot without having a nap and when my mother in law went in to get her and asked what she had been up to, Elisabeth looked up and said: “washing” as if it was the most logical thing to do when in bed 🙂

The funniest things though are the ones that they don’t get quite right. She knows that she needs to ask me for help if she is struggling with something but she doesn’t quite get how. Several times a day she will come and take my hand, walk me to whatever she is doing and she’ll say: “Mummy needs help”. Ha ha, they do say the funniest things!