Happy Monday!

Why is it that the harder it is to bend down to pick something up, the more you seem to drop things. Elisabeth spends quite a lot of time picking things up off the floor that I’ve dropped, it just takes up so much energy to do it myself and whilst she still likes helping her mummy, I will take full advantage of that.

Today it is 10 days until the due date of Baby Newman no.2, and to be honest we’re all a bit surprised he is not here yet. Elisabeth was 10 days early so we were thinking he would be even earlier, not the case. Clearly he is too nice and snuggly in there. But we are really getting close now, so I’m trying to enjoy some positive things.

Yes, it might come as a shock but there are a couple of positives at the moment:
1 – I am sleeping reasonably well, in between the 4 or 5 nightly toilet breaks I am actually getting quite a bit of sleep. There have been a few very early mornings where I couldn’t get back to sleep (Friday morning it was 3.30 which made for quite a difficult day), but considering that I am not a good sleeper at the best of times I am pretty pleased with my nighttime rest.
2 – After months of back pain, I finally seem to have gotten rid of it. Partly thanks to a brilliant physio department in my local hospital and partly thanks to my great husband who does pretty much everything for me so I can get as much rest as possible.

So even though I still hate being pregnant (and I will definitely never ever do it again), I’m reasonably positive and I will even let people get away with saying “not long now!”

Please note that I wrote this post in the morning which means I still have a tiny bit of energy left, if I would have written this a few hours later it would be a completely different story, believe me, mornings are good, afternoons suck big time!

Happy Monday everyone!

Pregnancy sucks!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that I am expecting and I can’t wait to meet this new little person that is growing inside me. But oh my word, do I hate being pregnant.

I think that women who say that they loved every minute of their pregnancy either:

  • Are lying through their teeth
  • Have a worse memory than I have (and that is saying something)
  • Or they just didn’t get their fair share of symptoms

I mean, seriously, who could love feeling sick for 24 hours a day for anything up to 9 months – yes, the unlucky ones among us do NOT feel better after the first 3 months are over and done with. Who could love feeling constantly so exhausted that even breathing feels like too much effort, and no matter how much you sleep, it just doesn’t go away. Who could love going off pretty much all food and drink, apart from the things you are not allowed to have obviously – what I wouldn’t give for a soft boiled egg or a nice piece of rare steak, yummy. Who could love being ok one minute and bursting out in tears the next, with no regards paid to your location, at work, on the bus, these pregnancy hormones couldn’t care less where you are or who you’re with.

I could go on for ages – honestly I could because the list of unpleasantries goes on and on (heartburn, nose bleeds, cramps, headaches, etc etc etc), but I won’t because if you’re not bored already, you certainly would be soon.

But let me just put one message out there for all the women who, like me, are not having the time of their lives:

It’s ok not to enjoy being pregnant, it’s even ok to hate it! I certainly do, it sucks! Big time! This doesn’t mean you are not happy to be pregnant and it does not make you a bad person. It just means you’re honest. The good news is though, that one day it will be over, and (pardon the cliche) it will all be worth it. So grit your teeth, pack a sick bag, count the days and try to smile every now and then. You’re not alone and you will do just fine 🙂