Oma week

Because my mother in law is on holiday for a couple of weeks, rather than paying for extra childcare, my mum (Elisabeth’s oma) came to stay almost a week. She arrived Monday morning so Elisabeth would have a bit of time to get used to her before spending all Tuesday and Wednesday with her whilst I went off to work. She didn’t really need this though, because as soon as oma walked in they were playing together and having lots of fun. This meant the world to me because Elisabeth used to take quite a while to get used to people, but now she is much more confident this is less of a problem now. It obviously made my mum happy as well, we have both been trying hard for Elisabeth to build a bond with my mum which can be tricky when you’re in different countries, but we seemed to have managed it quite well.

Both Elisabeth and oma had a great time on Tuesday and Wednesday. Elisabeth enjoyed all the attention and the treats (pancakes for lunch – yummy!) and oma enjoyed spending time with our little monkey.

Thursday and Friday I was at home and I took full advantage of having my mum here. She cleaned the whole house for us (how awesome is that!) and I don’t think I touched the dishwasher at all those two days. I also went for a bit of shopping on my own. It’s amazing how relaxing food shopping can be when you can browse all the aisles rather than trying to get everything as quickly as possible whilst trying to entertain a toddler.

I also got a very much needed hair cut and it didn’t cost me a penny (my mum is quite handy with a pair of scissors). She also sorted out some of Elisabeth’s pyama trousers as they were way too big for her but she needed the length for her long legs (no idea who she gets those from, ha ha).

Needless to say that I am very grateful for all that my mum did whilst she was here, but the most important thing is that she not only a week, that would have otherwise been really stressful, incredibly relaxing but she and Elisabeth had lots of fun together.

All in all a great week and now it’s the weekend and tomorrow is mother’s day (well here in the UK it is anyway) so things are pretty great in Newman Towers.

Have a good weekend everyone!