Mummy, I’ve got a sore yawn

I love it when kids don't know what something is called and, rather than ask me, make up a word themselves to describe what they mean. With Elisabeth we never really had this pleasure, she talked very early and never really said anything wrong. Jacob however, is the absolute master at this. He has always … Continue reading Mummy, I’ve got a sore yawn

Where’s mamma?

Even though my two lovely kiddos look very much alike, they couldn't behave more differently if they tried. The most noticable difference at the moment is talking. Elisabeth never really did baby talk, she was almost silent until she could discuss the political situation in Africa (so to speak). She talked so well that when … Continue reading Where’s mamma?

Conversations with Elisabeth (at 23 months and 2 weeks)

Me: Mummy loves you Elisabeth. Elisabeth: What's that mummy? Me: That's a car. Do you love your mummy? Elisabeth: me love my daddy. ********* Me: Good morning Elisabeth. Elisabeth: Mummy! Me: Hello sweetheart. Elisabeth: Mummy wear pretty dress. ********* Me: Let's get you nice and dry. Elisabeth: Me need wash my hands. Me: That's ok, … Continue reading Conversations with Elisabeth (at 23 months and 2 weeks)