Quick thinking, exhausting holidays and crazy parties!

There are very few dull moments in Newman Towers and the last few weeks have not been an exception! The first six weeks of this school term have been all about finishing my novel, and after a lot of hours spent with my laptop, I have now taken a break for a few weeks which is a good thing as they have been full with other stuff.

In the school holiday, I took the little people to Holland for a few days. Hubby had to work so it was just the three of us. We had great fun going on the ferry and catching up with family. It was brilliant spending some quality time with my sister and even better seeing my awesome nephew. Jacob idolises him and it is great to see them all get on.IMG_1154

We all had a lovely time (including hubby who had a weekend all to himself), but it did mean that the little people went back to school rather tired as we got home at 21.30 on Sunday evening.

On the Tuesday it was the dreaded Halloween! I dread not because I don’t let my little people trick or treat. Normally we do something else special on Halloween but because we had just been away it didn’t happen. I’m sure they’ll live. 🙂

On the same day, another one of Elisabeth’s teeth came out, she had been wobbling it for ages so she was very pleased. Now a few months ago, her front tooth came out and I nearly forgot about the tooth fairy……..now you can see what’s coming…….this time I didn’t nearly forget about the tooth fairy…….I actually did!!!! Elisabeth came downstairs in the morning with a trembling bottom lip

“Mummy, the tooth fairy didn’t come.”

Ahhhhhh!!!!! Quick!!!!!! Think of something!!!!!!!!!!

“Maybe the tooth fairy was so scared by all the Halloween costumes yesterday that she was too afraid to come out?”

“Yes, that’s probably it, maybe she’ll come tonight.”

Pfew, that was close! The tooth fairy actually came that day ready for when Elisabeth came home from school. Nicely done, even if I say so myself 🙂

To finish off the crazy weeks, my dad came to visit over the weekend to celebrate bonfirenight and our 12,5 year wedding anniversary. For some reason it is tradition in Holland to celebrate this, according to my dad it’s because the Dutch love a good party but because a lot of marriages don’t make it to 25 years, we celebrate at 12,5 as well 🙂 no idea whether it is true or not, but any excuse for a party is fine by me!

It was complete chaos with 4 kiddos under seven, 9 adults, food, drink and lots of fireworks, but it was awesome. A perfect way to celebrate.

I have to admit though, that after all that fun, it is quite nice for things to get back to normal for a bit…..until Christmas that is………………


Someone swapped our baby!

Nederlands: Sinterklaas tijdens het Het Feest ...
Nederlands: Sinterklaas tijdens het Het Feest van Sinterklaas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They haven’t really, although it did feel like it last weekend. We have been to Holland for a few days to celebrate my aunty and uncle’s 45th wedding anmiversary (45! Wow! That is awesome isn’t it?). It was an absolutely amazing weekend. We started off on the ferry for 7 hours, Elisabeth had great fun in the play area where she was playing Captain Elisabeth at a big steering wheel and generally running around and telling us where to sit and stand. It wasn’t hard to entertain her as we let her have unlimited ipad time, which she loved! All in all she was really well behaved and even had a little nap on my shoulder for half an hour. When we got to my sister’s she was a bit tired and scared of Valentijn (her 3 and a half year old cousin), but she settled in really quickly and before we knew it she was happily playing. Valentijn was kind enough to give up his room so Elisabeth could sleep there. He would sleep in my sister’s room, he was obviously excited about sleeping in mummy and daddy’s room. We were both quite worried about the sleeping arrangements because the last time we went away sleeping was an absolute nightmare, we were awake for nights on end and we really weren’t looking forward to doing that again. But to our shock she slept through! And not just the first night, but all three of them! It was just wonderful, we have been a bit reluctant to go anywhere with her because of the sleep problems, but now I feel like we can finally start seeing my family more regularly, which is great news. The party on Saturday was brilliant, not only did I get to see lots of my lovely family who I hadn’t seen in years, but my husband and Elisabeth also had their first proper Sinterklaas experience. For those of you who don’t know about Sinterklaas I will post some pictures when I get a chance. Elisabeth was really well behaved and it was awesome to finally be able to introduce her to her Dutch family 🙂 All in all a great weekend and lots of hope for restful nights on trips to come (we’re already planning one to Germany next year to see my dad.) Happy days!


So today was our 7th wedding anniversary. Seven years……….wow……….that kind a crept up on me. I can remember the wedding as if it was yesterday, just family and a couple of friends, no big car to pick us up, no big dress costing a month’s wages, nothing flash, just me and him and the promise of forever. And if forever is anything like the last seven years than bring it on!

My husband is currently upstairs sitting with Elisabeth who has been crying on and of for the last half an hour. I guess 5 good nights in a row was about as good as it was going to get.

Not quite the anniversary evening I was hoping for, but hey, better luck next year, and the years after and the year after that etc etc.

Elske x